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Mang, Tengchong, Ruili 5 Day Tour

Date: 8-12 March 2019

Duration: 5 days/4 nights

Fee:  $83.03 USD/$560 yuan per person
Accept 25% TLC ($0.35/TLC, 400TLC) for MTB reps, and get 40CV

The minimum number of people to form the group is 24.

*Visa and ticket not included. If your require special arrangements on extra cost will be added.

**As some tours are charged in currency other than USD, noted approximate USD pricing and CV are based on fluctuating exchange rate. Exact USD pricing and CV will be determined based on the exchange rate for that currency on the day of booking.

★ Beijing independent tour group provides the tour with no extra out-of-pocket fees for the entire trip.

★ A complimentary ticket is included for the large-scale epic border city cultural show, Dream Tengchong,  which promises to give you a 360°understanding of the multiculturalism at the border.

★ There is a specially arranged one-night stay at a hot spring hotel to wash away your fatigue and soothe your body and mind.

Day 1 – 8 March 2019

Fly to Mangshi or Tengchong with our tour guide (reference flight time: 8L9938/8L9982 07:40-12:00). There you will visit the first hollow stupa in Asia, Fold Tower, which is the landmark of Mangshi and a holy sanctuary place of the Yi people living there. After that you will be taken to the hotel.

Meals: None

Accommodation: Mangshi

Day 2 – 9 March 2019

After breakfast, you will visit 勐巴娜西珍奇园Garden, which is in the southeast part of Mangshi City, Dehong Prefecture, Yunnan Province. This national AAAA-level scenic spot is quaint with many natural and rare features, making it a rare ecological garden in China. Then we will drive to Ruili, and visit “One Zhai and Two Countries”, about 10 kilometers away from the city of Ruili and located on the famous border between China and Burma, Border 71. There you get to see the “One Zhai and Two Countries” geographical wonders. The border line divides a Yi village called Zhai into two sections; the Chinese side is called Yinjing, and the opposite side in Myanmar is called Mangxi. You will see the single tree forest, which represents hospitality from the Ruili people. You will also see the China-Myanmar Gate, called the End of the World, before we drive back to Tengchong for hotel check-in after dinner.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and Supper

Accommodation: Tengchong

Day 3 – 10 March 2019

After breakfast you will visit the Re Hai Hot Sea Park. There is a small additional fee of 20 yuan for per car/person which will be paid by each tourist. Yunnan has abundant geothermal resources, accounting for 1/4 of the total number of hot springs in the country. They are mostly scattered in Tengchong County, one of the three major geothermal areas in China. There are more than 80 hot springs in the Re Hai Hot Sea area, which is the second largest thermal field in China. It consists of Hot Sea Stone, Big Rolling Pot, Bath Valley, Pregnant Well, Pearl Spring, Beauty Pool, and others. The highest water temperature is 102° degrees, making it the best place for geothermal therapy treatment. Of these sites, the most spectacular one is called Big Rolling Pot. After that, you will visit the Heshun Ancient Town which is located 4 kilometers southwest of Tengchong City. Here, too, there is an additional 20 yuan per car/person that each tourist will pay personally. Heshun used to have an ancient name “Yang Wen dun”, but was later renamed “Heshun” as there is a small river around the village. The town has a population of more than 6,000 people, and the number of Heshun people living overseas is more than 12,000, which is why it is regarded as a famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Yunnan. Next you will visit 瑷珲 Theme Park, a new landmark building in Tengchong where you will also enjoy a live performance of the musical “Dream Tengchong”, a large-scale epic cultural feast for you to have an all-round understanding of Tengchong’s unique multiculturalism.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and supper

Accommodation: Tengchong

Day 4 – 11 March 2019

Following breakfast, you will visit Bianmao Market (Emrald), eat at the Yuquan Garden, and then visit Guo Shang Cemetery. This tour takes approximately 60 minutes and there is no refund when closed on every Monday. This Cemetery was founded by the Tengchong people to commemorate the killed soldiers of the 20th Army of the Chinese Expeditionary Force. It is also the earliest and biggest anti-Japanese martyr cemetery in the country and serves as a patriotic education base. After this tour we will drive to the Yunfeng Mountain Scenic Area where the tourist fee and cable car cost are included in your tour. Tengchong Yunfeng Mountain is a naturally formed mountain range and a national AA-class tourist scenic spot. It is about 50 kilometers to the north of Tengchong County, Yunnan Province. The main attractions are Yuhuangge, Sanqing Pavilion, and Lu Zudian. The Yunfengshan Hot Spring Hotel is equipped with low-key luxury spa facilities at the foot of the misty Taoist Holy Land Yunfeng Mountain. It is an excellent place for meditation and relaxation.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and supper

Accommodation: Yunfeng Mountain

Day 5 – 12 March 2019

After breakfast, you will visit Tengchong Cultural Industry Zone (Huanglongyu), and then visit Beihai Wetland. You have the option to pay a nominal 40 yuan per person to go boating or 60 yuan per person for grass treading. Beihai Wetland Reserve is surrounded by mountains and is in a special geographical location which features a unique plateau volcanic dammed lake ecosystem. With large land patches floating on the surface of the water, it looks like a giant colorful carpet. This place is well known for its complex biodiversity and high productivity.

After lunch, you will visit Dieshuihe Waterfall, which is in the Tengyue Tourism Culture Park, one kilometer away from the county and is one of the twelve famous scenic spots of Tengchong. The waterfall is 46 meters high and is the only volcanic waterfall in the country. The cliffs are lined with wonderful columnar joints. Fed by the Daying River, which runs through Tengchong from the north, as the river flows to the west of the county, it encounters a huge fault cliff, creating this remarkable waterfall. The water falls down to the deep pool and continue to run forward. Over the waterfall you will see the Taiji Stone Bridge created by Zhang Wenguang, the Duke of Dali, in the second year of the Republic of China.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and supper

Accommodation: None

Airport transfer service according to flight time (reference flight: 8L9981/8L9937 20:45-00:15)

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  1.  Transportation: Beijing to Mangshi, Tengchong to Beijing — Economy Class (tax included)
  2. Accommodation: Double occupancy at hotels of 4 star or equivalent standard plus 5 star Yunfengshan Hot Springs;
    • Mangshi: Diamond World, Hongfu, Yuntian, Xinhongrui
    • Tengchong: Wuhu Hotel, Fuchun Hotel, Yongyi Hotel, Jinlan or similar
  3. Meals: 4 breakfasts and 8 lunches/dinners valued at ¥ 30 yuan per person, per meal. There is a special meal offered at ¥ 40 yuan per person, per meal for those who wish to upgrade. There are no bed and breakfasts included;
  4. Attractions: The first ticket to any attraction listed in the itinerary;
  5. Vehicle: full-length regular air-conditioned coach;
  6. Tour Guide: Excellent experienced tour guides who hold the national tour guide qualification certificate;
  7. Children: 2-12 years old (including 12 years old): flights, bus seat, meals included; Bed, attraction tickets and free gifts not included;
  8. Insurance: Comprehensive insurance for travel agency liability;
  9. Special arrangements: Jie Gao border trade zone, Longshan Lake


  1. The difference in the price for a single room due if you travel alone.
  2. Additional cost incurred exceeding the prescribed standards for children pricing, such as meals, tickets and extra bed, etc.;
  3. Vehicle rentals, tour guide services and personal consumption during free activity time;
  4. Non-covered charges at hotels, such as catering, laundry, telephone, beverage, tobacco and alcohol, pay per view TV, baggage handling, etc.;
  5. Additional cost due to irresistible factors, such as traffic delays, strikes, strong winds, heavy fog, heavy snow, flight cancellations or delays;
  6. Additional cost for the loss of personal property resulted from breach of contract by tourists, their own negligence, or their own diseases;
  7. Any other expenses not mentioned in the itinerary: such as special tickets, cruise ships fares, tickets in attraction areas other than the first general admission, sightseeing tour buses, battery cars, cable cars, cableways, express railway tickets, etc.