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Itinerary Details

Urumqi · Fire Island Turpan · Tokson Apricot Flower, Kaner Jing · Kumtag Desert · Heavenly Pond in Tianshan

Date: 6-10 April 2019

Duration: 5 days/4 nights

Fee: US$560.00 plus 400 TLC per person**

The minimum number of people to form the group is 30.

*Visa and ticket not included. If your require special arrangements on extra cost will be added.

**As some tours are charged in currency other than USD, noted approximate USD pricing and CV are based on fluctuating exchange rate. Exact USD pricing and CV will be determined based on the exchange rate for that currency on the day of booking.

Itinerary Features

Special Experience: Xinjiang Grand Theatre Qianhui West Region to enjoy a large-scale musical production.

Quality reception: As part of this Beijing independent group, there are no extra out-of-pocket fees for the whole trip

Classic accommodation: You will enjoy staying in a four-star featured hotel for the whole trip, with a one-night hotel upgrade in Urumqi to the international five-star Wyndham Grand Hotel.

Enjoy wonderful meals throughout Xinjiang: Including Huimin nine bowls and sanxingzi special meals + (pila rice, barbecue meat, yogurt, glutinous rice cake, Xinjiang noodles)

Transportation through Xinjiang: Urumqi city, the farthest city away from the ocean + Fire Island Turpan + Tianshan Pearl + Heavenly Pond of Tianshan + Toksun Apricot Flower+ Shanshan Kumtag Desert

Complimentary: Heavenly Pond Tianshan shuttle bus with a value of 90 yuan per person, and Kumutag Desert Park shuttle bus with a value of 30 yuan per person.

Complimentary: A special Turpan Shannon meal valued at 98 yuan per person.

Complimentary: upgrade to the international five-star Wyndham Grand Hotel for one night in Urumqi.

Day 1 – 6 April 2019

Beijing – Urumqi (Reference flight time: Beijing – Urumqi JD5219 07:50-12:10)

Fly from Beijing Capital Airport to the world famous “Pearl in the Gobi Desert”, Urumqi. (The city is also called “The Town of Singing and Dancing”).  You will be staying at the Urumqi Hotel.

In Xinjiang, remember to bring warm clothing as the temperature can drop dramatically at night. During the day the weather is normally dry so you will need to drink plenty of water. Xinjiang is a very large territory so please be physically prepared for long journeys. Group meals will not be arranged for this day so you can sample some local dishes and Xinjiang snacks. Please provide a valid mobile phone number that can be used during the tour in order to make it convenient for the tour guide to contact you by SMS when informing you of the agenda of the trip.

Accommodation: Urumqi

Day 2 – 7 April 2019

Urumqi-Turpan (one-way distance is 186km, about a 3  hour drive) – Shanshan (one-way distance is 90km, about a 1 hour drive)

After breakfast, we will drive to the lowest, hottest and most dry place in China, known as “Fire Island”. Along the way, you can see the scenery of Salt Lake in the distance as well as the famous city of Da Ban City, highlighted in the song by our famous western country music singer Luo Bin Wang. After that, you will go to an ancient city called “Natural Cornucopia”, which has the world’s only desert connected to a city, Kumutag Desert. This will include a 90-minute bus tour and you will experience all kinds of desert fun. Next, you will visit a local Turpan Uighur Family for approximately 50 minutes to learn the charming Western-style dance, taste special fruits, and feel the comfortable life the Uighur people live in this grape growing region. You will then return to the Turpan Hotel.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch provided.

Accommodation: Turpan

Day 3 – 8 April 2019

Turpan-Urumqi (A distance, one-way, of 186km, about a 3 hour drive)

After breakfast, you will visit one of the three biggest projects in ancient China, the underground water irrigation project called Kanerjing. You will spend approximately 40 minutes learning about this system that was created by the ancient Xinjiang people in Kanerjing City in the Han Dynasty 2000 years ago. This revolutionary irrigation system then spread to places like Persia and Central Asia. There are more than 1,100 systems like this in Turfan areas with an annual flow of 294 million cubic meters and it is the source of life in the Turpan Oasis.

After lunch, you will have a chance to see the Toksun apricot flower, a newly added attraction. The Toksun apricot flower has a very short blossom period, typically happening some time between mid-March and the end of April. The flower blossoms for just 15 days each year. (There will be no refund if the timing is not right.) In March, northern Xinjiang is still cold and chilly, while the Toksun County is sunny and Spring is arriving. This is the first place in the north and south of the Tianshan Mountains to embrace Spring time. It is called the “first stop” of Spring in Xinjiang. On the way back to Urumqi (approximately a 3-hour drive), you will visit the钰龙翔玉石之文文博馆Museum for 90 minutes. We will then return to the Urumqi Hotel in the evening.

Meals: Breakfast, lunch and supper.

Accommodation: Urumqi

Day 4 – 9 April 2019

Urumqi – Tianshan Tianchi (120 km one way, approximately a 1.5 hour drive) – Urumqi

After breakfast, you will visit the Fujite Jewelry & Jade Company  and then travel to Tianshan Tianchi. A visit of 1.5 to 2 hours to the Tianchi Lake, including a shuttle bus ride, will allow you to overlook Bogeda Snow Peak. Tianchi is fascinating in winter as, after the snowfalls, the area is like a pure white heaven with silver trees and flowers. The icy waters under the frozen lake surface show its mighty power, while to the West, the icy creeks around  Xiaotianchi represent Winters softness and tenderness. After this visit, you will return to Urumqi and enjoy a special gift we offer: a remarkable live performance at the Xinjiang Grand Theatre called “Return to West”. Afterwards you will return to the Urumqi Hotel.

Note – if the road we drive is blocked due to snow, we will adjust the itinerary accordingly by either visiting Turpan before Tianchi or changing to going skiing at Nan Mountain.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch

Accommodation: Urumqi

Day 5 – 10 April 2019

Urumqi-Beijing (reference flight: Urumqi-Beijing JD5220 20:00-23:45)

You are free throughout the day, allowing you to sleep in and then visit the sites – like the Urumqi Museum or the International Grand Bazaar.

In the afternoon, you might enjoy going to the Xinjiang Minjie Folk Museum, which enjoys the reputation of “Walking in Xinjiang on one street, and traveling around the world in one day”. (Address: No. 349, Longquan Street, Tianshan District). Here you can learn about Xinjiang’s unique culture and taste some local snacks (Note that the snack street is not open in the mornings).

You will be transferred to the airport according to the designated time from your tour guide, and this memorable tour will be ending.

Meals: Breakfast

Accommodation: Your home

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  • Round-trip transportation: Beijing-Urumqi-Beijing round-trip airfare in economy class. We are unable to guarantee flight time and other special needs and, once the ticket is issued, you cannot get a transfer or refund.
  • Accommodation: Four-star standard room with double beds is provided, with a one night upgrade to an international five-star hotel. We cannot accommodate single or triple rooms, so special arrangements will have to be made according if you are a single – you will probably be sharing a room with another single guest or you will have to pay an extra ¥580 yuan to have the room to yourself.
  • Meals: The entire trip includes 5 breakfasts and 4 dinners. Dinner cost is ¥ 30 yuan per person, per meal — 1 table will have 10 people with 8 dishes and 1 soup. Food amount will be reduced, but with same quality, if there are less than 10 people at 1 table. Hotels will include breakfast. Fees are not refundable if you choose to not eat a meal. Drinks are not included.
  • Local transportation: Xinjiang: air-conditioned VIP coach, one seat per person.
  • Attraction Tickets: Tickets are included in price for following scenic spots and the shuttle bus: Kumuta Desert, Kaner Well, Tianshan Tianchi, Toksun Xinghua, Song and Dance Show called “Return to West”. These tickets are already discounted for travel groups, so no further discounts are available for the following document holders: student ID, teacher ID, military officer’s card, old age card, disability certificate, etc.; and the discounted value is not refundable for these tickets. (Free/additional attractions will not be refunded if you don’t attend).
  • Guide Service: Excellent tour guide service in Chinese.
  • Children’s Standard: Children under 1.2 meters height have a  tour fee that includes one seat on the bus, guide service and half the meal standard. If other expenses are incurred, guests will need to pay in local currency.
  • Store visits: 2 shopping visits are included throughout the tour. (This does not include shopping at small stalls in the various scenic spot we visit). If you need to shop or participate in a side travel package, please negotiate and sign a separate contract with the tour guide based on your mutual understanding and agreement.


  1. The quotation is based on 2 people per room occupancy. Room rate difference needs to be paid if anyone wants to stay in a single room.
  2. Transportation expenses, meals, and other private expenses during free activity time; meals not included in the itinerary; and any purchases made during shopping visits;
  3. Extra expenses made by yourself during the hotel stay, such as food and beverage, laundry, haircut, telephone, beverage, tobacco and alcohol, pay TV, baggage handling, etc.;
  4. Additional expenses caused by irresistible forces such as traffic delays, wars, strikes, natural disasters, etc.;
  5. Any additional cost due to the loss of personal property caused by the default of the tourists, their own faults, and their own diseases;
  6. Flight insurance and travel accident insurance (recommended for tourists to purchase);
  7. All fees other than listed under “What is included in price”. Other expenses not mentioned in the itinerary.

Sequence of attraction visits may be subject to change according to local conditions.


  1. Minors under the age of 18, with poor self-discipline, should be accompanied by adult tourists; for northwestern region tours, tourists 65 years and older must be accompanied as well. It is not recommended for people over 65 years old to participate in this tour, unless they have a health certificate from a hospital, filled in after a physical examination and a completed “Participation Disclaimer”.
  2. Hotel rooms don’t offer extra beds. Single guests may need to pay for the room difference if they don’t have another guest to share the room with. If no extra bed is used, room difference will be refunded, but the breakfast needs to be taken care of additionally.
  3. Tickets are already discounted for travel groups, so no further discounts for following documents holders: student ID, teacher ID, military officer’s card, old age card, disability certificate, etc.; and the discounted value is not refundable.
  4. If guests cancel any itinerary or leave the group during the tour without notice beforehand, travel agency will not bear any relevant responsibilities. Unused fees will be refunded after service charges and losses incurred are deducted.
  5. Trips may be affected by irresistible forces (natural disasters, traffic conditions, government behaviors, etc.). After consultation, travel agency has the right to make adjustments to the tour itinerary to ensure the smooth progress of the trip. When additional arrangement needs to be made in extreme conditions, corresponding expenses incurred are borne by the tourists.
  6. Please don’t forget to fill out the “Comments and Suggestion” form before leaving the hotel. The quality inspection center of our travel agency will use this as the basis for the team quality assessment purposes. If you do not provide the form, you will be deemed to have given up your right of opinion.
  7. Our agency has purchased travel agency liability insurance. Since it is a pretty long journey, tourists are recommended to voluntarily purchase travel accident insurance on their own.

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